We engineer your clean future

Verhoeven Dust Control is an engineering company which is specialized in solving dust and noise pollution problems. Over a timespan of 25 years VDC gathered the experience and know-how to solve all of these problems. 

A custom made solution together with a no nonsense approach we guarantee a high quality, cost effective and fast solution. 

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Team VDC!

Johan De Bruyn

Bringing extensive metal industry experience, Johan understands very well what you as a customer are looking for and engineers, together with you, end-to-end solutions for your industrial needs.

Eric Verhoeven

As original founder of VDC, Eric knows the environmental industry like no one else. Thanks to three decades of experience, he can efficiently and reliably engineer a solution for any environmental project. 

Our mission

VDC helps society by limiting the impact of dust and noise pollution on the environment. 

Our values

We commit to long-term customer and supplier partnerships.

Our team

An effective team with a clear approach is ready to tackle every dust or noise problem. The right mix of experience and hands-on mentality are key to our success. 

250 companies, already use VDC to move towards a clean future.

Join them today!