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Choosing the right filter type will increase the overall performance, reduce operational expenses and increase the lifespan of your assets. 

VDC helps you making the right decision. Starting from a blank page to start-up of a new asset, VDC can help your trough the whole process. 

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Design & engineering

Analyses of the problem

Trough input from the customer combined with VDC experience a correct and efficient design is possible. 

Important input factors characterize the filter:

  • flow rate,
  • temperature,
  • allowable emission rate,
  • product specifications (explosion hazards)

Custom design of your filtration asset

All filtration solutions are custom made to your needs. Starting from the filter type to the secondary equipment's. 

A custom fit to your laying stocks to decrease your OPEX costs. 

Installation & start up

The implementation into your installation and start up will be facilitated by VDC. From the start of the works until the first dust collection VDC is your partner!

By a plan based approach we keep the downtime to a minimum and guarantee a high efficiently at your facilities. 

Applications and industries

Cement industry

All type of filters are available for the different cement making processes. Silo's, conveyors, furnaces, hygiene gas extraction,...


Together with our partners, we have have extensive experience in limiting the dust impact for both workers and the environment in and around quarries.

Food industry

Dust collection in the food industry is particularly difficult due to existing standards to safe food processing. Special care needs to be taken towards selection of the correct components and part for food filtration. 

Metal and non ferro industry

In Metal and non ferro, additional risk of fire and explosion makes it even more crucial to engineer and design your dust solution to perfection. Our sales engineers have specific industry background that ensures these risks are mitigated.  

Manufacturing industry

In Manufacturing, there is additional attention required to dust collection due to the proximity of workers and the impact on their health and safety. 

Emission Control Monitoring

Measuring emissions at the of your filter asset. Get data life mg/m³ or mg/s to make the right decision for your production process.

1. Controlling and reducing emissions
2. Reliability of your assets and a more accurate maintenance plan
3. Reducing overall maintenance cost

gray GE volt meter at 414

Energy efficiency audit

Compressed air is the most expensive form of energy. The less you need the more cost efficient your installation runs.

VDC has the ability to help you reduce these costs. By reengineering your pulse jet cleaning installation we can reduce the air pressure and Write one or two paragraphs describing your needed volume to an absolute minimum.

Contact us for your audit and more information. 

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