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Keep it silent! 

Processes and equipment produce noise, keeping these under control is important for you as company. 

Keep your personnel safe, reduce the impact to the environment and be a good father to your neighbours. 

VDC provides all sorts of noise reducing methods, take a look below. 

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In line accoustic dampener

VDC offers you the engineering, selection and delivery of all acoustic dampeners in your ducting works. 

Gas ducting are important emission points for noise pollution. VDC provides solutions to decrease the noise level at the exit of your equipment. By designing  the right noise dampener you guarantee a good nights rest to the environment.

By incorporating this solution into existing ducts or stacks you have a cost effective solution for an acute problem. 

Equipment enclosing solutions

The prime method for existing equipment who are indicated as a big noise polluting source to your personnel, the environment or your neighbours is t enclosing it with noise reduction panels. This gives you a solid solution for a hard problem. The asset can keep working and the investment cost is brought down to a minimum. 

Enclosures are custom made to your footprint or needs. VDC is your partner in these custom build solutions.  


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Noise reduction fences

When you are faced with a large amount of different noise sources, enclosing them is not always possible or realistic. To create a noise reduction to the environment you can choose for a fence solution in noise absorbing material. 

VDC provides you the right solution for the right application. The length and height of the fences are important factors for realizing a significant noise reduction to the environment.