VDC spare parts, quick and efficient

Keep your operating costs in check by partnering up with VDC. With an elaborate network and more then 25 years of experience we provide the correct spare parts in time to keep your processes running. 

Pulse jet 

All possible components of pulse cleaning system are available. 

We are an official distributor for Pentair (Goyen Mecair) in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. 

Solenoid Valves, membranes, header tanks, blowtubes, valves. 

Filter bag and support cages

The filter media is the most important part of your asset. At the same time it is the most wear sensitive part. 

VDC supplies the correct type of filter bag for your filter. 

  • PTFE filter

  • Cartridge filter

  • Bag filters in different qualities

For the different filter types the according support cage can be delivered in different materials and coating applications. 

black and brown industrial machine

Secondary components

To guarantee a complete and reliable installation VDC offers every component in your filtration installation.

For example, Ventilators, dust collection units, conveyors, screws, valves and many more.

Due to a large network a correct spare is cost effective and can be delivered very fast


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