1. Price offers are always given for information purposes. Orders are only binding and valid after acceptance by an authorized

person of the company.

2. The delivery schedule can only take place after payment of the advance and after signing and transferring all

documents and data relevant to the order. The advance amounts to 30% of the value of the total contract.

Any specified delivery period, even those specifically stated on the contract, is approximate. Exceeding it is not possible

give rise to nullification, dissolution of the contract, nor does this exceedance give rise to


3. The client bears all responsibility for assignments involving administrative permits. Possible

damage and fines resulting therefrom are entirely at the expense of the client.

4. All delivered materials remain the full property of BV VERHOEVEN DUST CONTROL until full payment

of it. In the event of default on the part of the client, BV VERHOEVEN DUST CONTROL can return to itself what has already been delivered

accept or complete the assignment with an additional charge of compensation in accordance with article 9 below. The

the client is responsible for damage to and alienation of these goods. The client directly benefits

of BV VERHOEVEN DUST CONTROL for this purpose a good and sufficient insurance, proof of premium discharge and general insurance

conditions for implementation to BV VERHOEVEN DUST CONTROL.

5. All intellectual property rights arising from or associated with the assigned assignment are wholly and exclusively


BV VERHOEVEN DUST CONTROL is not obliged to establish any intellectual property right. If the

the client so requests will do so in the name of BV VERHOEVEN DUST CONTROL and at the expense of the client

be passed.

The results of the order may be reviewed by BV VERHOEVEN DUST CONTROL at any time for promotional or

be used and made public for scientific purposes.

6. When the client has fully complied with his obligations, he acquires an exclusive license to use for

own account of the result delivered by the elaboration of the assignment. Transfer of this to third parties is entirely


7. Disputes about delivery, performance or invoicing must be made within 8 days after delivery, performance and or

billing. BV VERHOEVEN DUST CONTROL is not liable for visible or hidden defects made known

after the aforementioned period. The contract can no longer be terminated on that basis.

All shipments necessary for the execution are at the risk and expense of the client.

The commissioning of the delivered goods is explicitly regarded between the parties as final approval thereof. After this one

acceptance BV VERHOEVEN DUST CONTROL bears no further liability than to specifically conclude this

maintenance contract.

8. Between the parties and contrary to the Civil Code, additional and additional works are deemed to have been accepted by the

the client if the latter has not responded negatively to the notification and price offer within 10 days. On the

acceptance, and to any additional or updates, the price revision formula below will apply. end the work

will be calculated globally.

p = P (0.4 s/S + 0.4 i/I + 0.2) p = adjusted price at invoicing

P = price stated on contract

s = average hourly wage during work which are charged

S = average hourly wage on contract date

i = index of the materials for the works that have been charged

I = index of materials on contract date

9. If the client refuses the order, nullifies the contract or cannot be executed, then

unconditionally owes compensation of 30% of the total amount of the order by the client.

All invoices are payable in cash, on the invoice date. In the absence of effective payment on that day, it will expire by operation of law and

without notice of default an interest of 12 % per year until the date of effective payment. There is also a compensation

equal to 7% of the invoice amount stipulated between the parties.

10. The possible acceptance of bills of exchange as payment does not give rise to novation. Regardless of the payment method

the original agreement and the obligations contained therein will continue to exist.

11. In the event of late payment, the seller reserves the right, without summons, to suspend its performance

whether they arise from the present or from previous or subsequent contracts, and to resume them only,

unless otherwise stipulated, from the regularization of the payment.

12. Any arrears, even partial, from the customer on the due date, allows us to legally and automatically

the control