Original spare parts are the ultimate preventive maintenance measure!

All our spare parts have been designed and manufactured under strict quality control. They are extensively tested under extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

With original spare parts you increase the lifespan, availability, and reliability of your industrial dust collector. There is no better way to carry out effective preventive maintenance. The parts that are subject to wear and tear, such as diaphragms, will need periodic replacement. Original spare parts will increase the overall uptime of your dust collector, and cut operating costs through longer filter lifetime and reduced need for compressed air.

Check our webshop or mail us info@verhoevendustcontrol.be for original spare parts from Pentair Goyen Mecair.

VDC is your official Distribution Partner for Pentair Goyen Mecair. We have our own warehouse in Belgium with a large quantity of spare parts on stock, ensuring super fast delivery times!

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